Standesamt Charlottenburg Wedding, Berlin

It seems I make a trip back to Standesamt Charlottenburg at least once a year! Wedding photography in Berlin at this time of year can be a challenge but we got a bright dry day and a nice quiet afternoon.

Its definitely one of the prettiest Standesamts in Berlin and one I’ve shot at the before.

Knowing a venue is always such a bonus, especially when the weather can be so volatile.

The miniest of mini’s, Marie-Luise and Engjell tied the knot in front of just their parents, Covid restrictions aren’t fun but I feel so lucky I get to capture these moments for couples so they can not only re-live them but share them too.

I shoot a lot of expats weddings so I know how important photographs are. We’ve all got elderly relatives who just can’t make the the journey over so its so important to me that all the little details and moments are captured, so they tell a full story.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and there was something so intimate and private about having such a small wedding party that made the whole thing feel extra special.

We headed out for some casual couple portraits and the rain held off just long enough for us!

Standesamt Chalottenburg

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