Really good wedding photography.



November 12, 2021

A romantic engagement photo session in the heart of Berlin City.

man and a woman stare lovingly into each others eyes

Winter might bring cold weather and the end of the summer wedding season but I love having the extra time to shoot engagement photo sessions!

Berlin isn’t a city known for its romantic beauty so an engagement photo session in here might sound odd.

But, there are some incredible spots, especially if you’re into architecture.

I’m always looking for locations that have different ‘backdrops’ and Berlin is a city that has millions!

You can go from urban and run down to uber modern and clean, its perfect!

Jean-Simon Galerie

I chatted to Sylvia and Christoph about their session and we decided the Jean-Simon Galerie museum would be the perfect starting location.

I’m a huge fan of beige, earthy tone because they always makes skin tones look incredible.

I also think the simplicity of the architecture makes the images timeless which is always my aim.

Altes Museum, Berlin

Let’s be honest, museums are always impressive buildings.

Around the corner from a super modern design building is the Altes Museum. Which literally translates to ‘Old Museum’.

Stairs are a photographers best friend, you can go high, you can go long and you can go wide when they’re this incredible!

And lets talk about Sven, the dog. LOOK AT THAT GOOD BOY!

An Engagement photo session is a great way to get your furbabies involved.

And to boot, Svens coat was the perfect shade of sand- did we bride him with a million treats? Yes.

Was it worth it? Always.

I love these pictures so much!! Sylvia and I chatted quite a bit before the shoot and I think shows in the images.

Their outfit choices to location it all just worked, and as a bonus the sun even came out for us!