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One of the most amazing things about being a wedding photographer in Germany is the stunning assortment of places you get to explore, especially in a city like Berlin!

Berlin is a city that feels urban, but head little further out of town and you’re in some of the most incredible countryside!

Helena is Ethiopian via Canada and Marcel is German with Israeli roots and their wedding was a total celebration of both cultures.

They chose the scenic Spree river as the backdrop for their vows.

The ceremony was lead by their closest friends in two languages. Family flew in from around the world and enjoyed perfect summer weather!

It’s all about nature!

The gorgeous landscape of Spreeparadis.

Set right on the river the water was a perfect backdrop to the days events.

I love the opportunity able to shoot in Berlin, especially when I get to visit these picture perfect pockets of the city.

Surrounded by water, trees and nature it was a feast for the eyes.

Helena and Marcel had so much fun. They didn’t worry about decorations or timings, they went with the flow and enjoyed every minute.

They had fun during their couple portraits and with the friends which makes for the best kind of photography.

Golden Hour

By far- my favourite time of day!

Evening light is the kindest light, but when it glows like this it’s a whole other world!

And then we danced…

Oof this was a good dance floor! And the perfect example of why a first dance is so important.

It gets people dancing!!



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