Thinking about confetti at your wedding? Here are my top 5 reasons you definitely should!

A confetti throw might sound outdated and messy, but it’s such a fun moment to capture!

A lot of the couples I work with tend to steer away from the traditional and that usually means no confetti.

When I ask them why- they just say ‘its a bit traditional’ or ‘sounds like hassle’, but with the right planning it can be such a fun moment to have as part of your day.

1. It’s actually a lot of fun!

Look, having stuff thrown in your face might not sound like fun but it actually is!

Which is why it’s my number one reason to have confetti!

It’s a perfect way to put any pre ceremony stresses and nerves behind you and begin the fun part of the day.

Think of it as a ‘the party starts now’!

2. You get more photos!

Yes, your wedding day is about celebrating the both of you and your love, but the time you actually spend together is really limited! This makes confetti a great opportunity to capture some extra shots of the two of you.

Especially perfect for those of you who are little camera shy.

Pollokshield Burgh Hall Wedding Photography

3. They’re inclusive!

They’re what?

That’s right, inclusive, everyone can take part! If you’re having children at your wedding the confetti throw is a great way to get them involved and have some fun.

You can even have your flower girls and page boys help handing it out!

Do you have elderly relatives who aren’t attending the evening party? Throwing a little confetti gets them involved in the fun.

Villa Il Pozzo Fiat 500 Wedding Photography

4. They don’t have to be traditional!

See picture of Matt and Justine above! They drove down their confetti line and people went wild because they weren’t expect it!

If you’re hiring a statement car we can work it into a grand entrance with confetti, you’re the boss!

5. It gathers everyone together!

Ok, let’s get practical, if you’re wanting a group photo with all your guests the confetti lines merge perfectly into a group. Everyone in one place. Bam!

Or, if you’re changing venues it’s a clear instruction- first we do confetti then we move venue.

If you’re still not sure about confetti or how to work it into your day then chat to your wedding photographer.

Most wedding photographers will have many, many , many confetti lines under their belts and will be able to advise on how to make the whole thing seamless and time efficient!

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