Really good wedding photography.



November 14, 2021

Nothing beats the grainy, sometimes blurry magic of film photography, so here are some extra 35mm film images from Matt and Justine’s gorgeous Tuscan wedding!

Due to popular demand I have now decided to add analog wedding photography to all my wedding packages!

At some point in the not so distant future I hope I can offer my couples Super 8 films (eeek!!) but for now I love shooting a couple of rolls of 35mm film, its a surprise for me as much as it is the couple because I have no idea what will come back from the lab.

So how does it work?

Simple! You decide how many rolls you would like added to your day (two rolls is usually a good amount) and I shoot them as and when throughout the day.

I will generally focus on you as a couple as well as the little details of the day like flowers.

You get 36 exposures on each roll of film so 36 extra little surprises from your wedding day! The true beauty of shooting film is the blur and shake and pure serendipity of it all!

Villa Il Pozzo Tuscany Wedding analog
Fine art wedding photography Tuscany
Fine art wedding photography Tuscany

Thinking about adding some 35mm film photography to your wedding?

Be warned! There are no guarantees of what you’ll get, and thats is all part of the magic!

I shoot a simple point and shoot camera because I love the ease of it but also the quality of the images.

You usually end up with a lot of grain, a little shake and a lot of surprise!