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Rome Engagement Photography

January 4, 2023

A gorgeous sun filled Rome Engagement Photography Session featuring the Trevi Fountain and Colosseum.

We started at the Colosseum…

I’m so excited to finally share the images from Bec and Dan’s Rome engagement photography session!

These two cool cats have booked me to photograph their 2024 Tuscan wedding, and when they asked me to joint them in Rome for an engagement session I was so 100% in.

Bec is also an excellent wedding photographer in her native city of Boston, it’s such a compliment to be trusted by a fellow photographer to capture these important moments.

Were they jet-lagged after their flight from Boston? Yes.

Did it take me 12 hours to travel from Berlin to Rome? Also yes.

Did I make them wake up early so we try and beat the tourists? Again, yes.

But it’s not everyday you get to have your engagement photo’s taken in front of the colosseum.

It was so worth it- we managed to get prime position right in the centre of the Trevi Fountain for a few shots, and if you can’t avoid the tourists- include them!

And then headed to the Trevi Fountain…

And all the other places…

We clocked up over 22k steps, thats a lot of Rome by foot.

I could wax lyrical about how much I love light and golden hour, but I think these images explain perfectly why I’m so passionate about capturing the changing light.